Polyurethan-Elastomer-Gießmaschine für die Herstellung von PU-Mousepad

PU Gießmaschine


Polyurethane elastomer pouring machine for pu mousepad making
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* leichtes Umziehen
*Low cost


First: use

Suit for making Polyurethane elastomer epoxy resin production.
Such as Polyurethane shoe material,mousepad,golfball,PU wheels, lable,electronic encapsulating .

Second: Characteristic
1.Whole machine made by stainless steel, safety and reliable, easy wash, Double layers of material barrel makes the material heating more quickly and reliability.
2.Use high precise gearing pumps, with servo control system, The machine completely NC type measuring, measuring accuracy reach to 0.3%.
3.Pipes can control the temperature automatically, ensures production normally.
4.Light and durable injection gun, easy and simple to handle, easy maintenance.
5.Control system: Touch screen shows operate interface, with Chinese or English two languages.
6.The machine with Auto-filling,vacuum defoamation.
7.The machine's structure is compact and lighter, convenient for user to move it.
8.The color sizing and additive join the mixing head directly, reduction of cost, increase of efficiency(optional parts).

Schnelle Details

Verarbeitungsart: Schäummaschine
Artikelzustand: Neu
Product Type:Foam Net, Polyurethane equipment
Ursprungsort: China (Festland)
Markenname: EMM
Spannung: 3 * 380 V / 50 Hz
Certification:ISO 9001
Garantie: EIN JAHR
After-Sales-Service: Ingenieure stehen zur Verfügung, um Maschinen in Übersee zu warten
Name:Polyurethane elastomer pouring machine for pu mousepad making